Warming-up volleyball

Volleyball exercises for the warming up!

Do you want to devise volleyball exercises for the warming up? Are you looking for a way to become warm before the volleyball practice? Then you could use a couple of good and fun warming up volleyball exercises. VolleyballXL is the right place: it is the place for volleyball exercises, especially volleyball exercises which can be considered as a warming up. Do you find it difficult to devise proper exercises for your team? VolleyballXL comes to the rescue. We have dozens of exercises on video, which makes the devising of a warming up for volleyball very easy!

VolleyballXL: the solution for volleyball warming up

A warming up is very important in volleyball. After all, your muscles have to be warm first and your body should be ‘loose’. A good warming up is in volleyball the basis for a good practice or match. Not doing a warming up increases the chance of getting injured or muscle aches after the practice or the match. VolleyballXL has the solution for you. We have put several warming up exercises on video, which you can directly utilise within your own team and practice!

Warming up volleyball exercises

It has never been so easy to devise exercises for the warming up of your volleyball practice. Watch our exercises and ‘take’ them to your practice. All kinds of exercises are available on video: varying from training the leg muscles to warming up with the ball. So watch them!

Objective VolleybalXL

The objective of VolleyballXL is to simplify the devising of volleyball practices by offering volleyball exercises on video, especially exercises for the warming up. In practice, it appears that trainers often find it difficult to devise good exercises. For this purpose, VolleyballXL provides the solution. Take a look at our website if you are looking for exercises for the warming up of your volleyball practice or match!

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