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VolleyballXL is the initiative by three enthusiastic volleyball players that want to convey their excitement to trainers and players. Volleyball XL is the ultimate online place where knowledge about the sport is put into one central place, and is made visual. VolleyballXL devises and produces content with reference to volleyball.

Objective VolleyballXL
VolleyballXL has the objective to provide volleyball trainers practices on video, in order to simplify the devising of practices. For many (starting) trainers, the devising of practices is an issue. They often do not know how to start or have trouble putting an exercise on paper at all. VolleyballXL was developed for those trainers who prefer seeing exercises visualised, in order to imitate the exercise at their volleyball practice.

Another important purpose of VolleyballXL is creating enthusiasm among (starting) volleyball players for sports. In fact, VolleyballXL is of the opinion that volleyball is a wonderful sport, and thus a wonderful sport for putting on focus. While volleyball is often showed as a competition on TV and on the internet, the basis is established on practice. The volleyball practice is the basis of the joy of a volleyball player. That basis is exactly what VolleyballXL wants to demonstrate to a broad audience.


The faces behind VolleyballXL

Who are we actually? We are three (former) players of volleyball club Blauw Wit (Blue White) 1 from Oldebroek in the Netherlands with a big passion for volleyball. It can be said that our life has been characterised by the game with the ball and the net. In April of 2015, we sat together for the first time in order to brainstorm about the idea of creating a platform for the volleyball players in the Netherlands.


Wim Boerendans

Wim Boerendans wim@volleybalxl.nl


Dennis Veth

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Reinier Boerendans

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