Objective of the drill:
Improving communication and do multiple tasks.

Explanation of the drill:
The players are divided into 2 groups of at least 4 players. One group is marked differently, by means of a cord (as in the video) or a sports vest. The coach throws the ball into the game.

The players have to throw the ball to their own team members. The ball should not bounce; in that case, the other team gets the ball. If the opponent team catches the ball, it can lob the ball within their team as well. Lobbing the ball for 10 times within your team, results in 1 point. The first team who has 5 points, is the winner of the game.

XL Challenge:
An extra challenge is playing the game with two balls instead of one. Now two teams try to lob the ball ten times within their team, but also snatch the ball away from the opponent. The challenge here is paying attention to both the ball in your team as the one in the other. The team with two balls within their team scores one point. Again, the winning team scores 5 points.

Duration of the drill:
15 minutes

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Xtra-Small Volleyball, Mini


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