Objective of the drill:
Setter has to learn to act quickly after setting one ball.

Explanation of the drill:
Five players are placed on one half of the court. On the other half of the net, another team could be placed. The player at the front left and front right both have a ball. The setter stands in the middle. The back players (left and right) pass the ball.

The first ball is thrown by the front left player towards the left back player. At the moment this person passes the ball, the front right player throws the ball towards the right back player. If more players are available, a back player can switch positions with a person that is not participating.

In this exercise, the balls are passed to the setter right after another. The setter sets the ball passed by the left back player to the front left player, and the other way around. In this way, the ball from the left side stays at the left side, and for the right stays on the right side.

Duration of the drill:
10-15 minutes

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Youth, Adults


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