Objective of the drill:
Improving position and timing of blocking.

Explanation of the drill:
While blocking, most players look at the ball. However, most information can be gained by looking at the outside hitter. This exercise should help the players to focus on the player and not the ball.

In this exercise, the coach is standing behind the pair that will block the spikes. The coach throws the ball over the net and these players hit the ball. In this way, the blocking players cannot look at the ball anymore and now have to look at the hitter. During this exercise, the coach can choose to apply technical improvements, such as the position of the hands, the way of landing and what to do after landing.

Variations that could be used in this exercise are:
1: only an offside block
2: with a central block
3: with extra hitters at the middle position

Duration of the drill:

10-15 minutes

Additional information


Youth, Adults


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