Volleyball training

Invent your volleyball practice quickly and easily!

Creating a volleyball practice is not easy. What is it exactly that you should train? And which exercises fit best? Volleyball practices are often available in literature or on the internet, and frequently provided with an animation with an explanation. But it is still very difficult to find out what the exercise is about, what the players have to do and what is needed for the exercise. In brief, the devising of volleyball practices is often very difficult.

VolleyballXL: the solution for volleyball practices!

VolleyballXL offers you the solution easily and quickly. We have dozens of volleyball exercises on video, which enables you to create a volleyball practice easily and quickly. Select the element which you want to train and choose the exercises. It is easy like that! The devising of a volleyball practice is from now on a piece of cake. Below, several exercises were highlighted for you, so that you can see directly what we are talking about.

Gaining ideas for volleyball training!

VolleyballXL has the objective to provide exercises on video for volleyball trainers, in order to simplify the devising of volleyball practices. The devising of volleyball practices can be difficult for many (starting) trainers. They often do not know how to start it or create an exercise at all. VolleybalXL was developed for those trainers who prefer seeing exercises visualised, in order to imitate the exercise at the volleyball practise itself. This makes creating a volleyball practise very easy! We have among other things more special volleyball exercises for youth players.

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